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Friends+Me Chrome插件


Friends+Me Chrome插件图文教程

The easiest way to share content to your Google+ profiles, pages and communities.
**Keyboard shortcuts**

Show share dialog ... Ctrl+Shift+K or ⌘+Shift+K
Publish post ... Ctrl+Enter

**Editor shortcuts**

Bold style ... Ctrl+B
Italic style ... Ctrl+I

**How to configure this extension?**

In the extensions area to the right of the address bar, right-click the Friends+Me icon and from menu pick Options.

This product is not affiliated with Google.

v0.1.2 (2015-03-12):
(fix) fixed publishing of photo posts

v0.1.1 (2015-02-04):
(fix) compatibility with latest Google+ release

v0.0.66 (2014-11-03):
(fix) fixed a lot of minor problems
(new) Google accounts refresh icon button added right next to the list of available Google accounts
(new) integrated support for publishing to Google+ profiles for Friends+Me users

v0.0.65 (2014-10-09):
(important) do not logout from Friends+Me if you want to use link shortening
(fix) unwanted scrolling of shared page on the background is disabled
(fix) from end of the post are removed unnecessary empty lines and spaces
(fix) fixed Google+ sign-in

v0.0.64 (2014-10-07):
(fix) it's been a long day full of bugfixes

v0.0.63 (2014-10-07):
(new) appending of shared web page title to the comment on start up can be disabled in options, look for option "Append title of shared web page to the comment"
(fix) fixed publishing

v0.0.62 (2014-10-07):
(fix) Google+ formatting optimalization

v0.0.61 (2014-10-07):
(fix) formatting error fixed

v0.0.60 (2014-10-06):
(new) attached link shortening based on Friends+Me account configuration
(new) popup and footer removed and buttons relocated to the share dialog
(fix) formatting problems fixed

v0.0.59 (2014-10-02):
(fix) really quick quickfix

v0.0.58 (2014-10-02):
(new) in case you're sign into Friends+Me you'll find new "Visit Dashboard" button in popup window and "Visit Friends+Me Dashboard" button in footer of sharing dialog
(fix) minor fixes and tweaks of problems that popped up after the launch

v0.0.57 (2014-09-30):
(fix) autocomplete behaves better

v0.0.56 (2014-09-29):
(fix) autocomplete positioning fixed

v0.0.55 (2014-09-29):
(fix) publishing to circles finally works
(fix) improvements in behavior of hashtag and mention autocomplete

v0.0.54 (2014-09-29):
(fix) copy pasted content is always converted to plain text

v0.0.53 (2014-09-29):
(new) title length counter goes red in case the title is too long for Twitter
(fix) repost of link posts with different than default photo selected is fixed
(fix) hashtag autocomplete handles space and not found situations better

v0.0.52 (2014-09-27):
(new) new pop up will show up after click at the Friends+Me logo in browser menu

v0.0.51 (2014-09-26):
(new) add a different link attachment
(new) append signature to all new posts, this feature can be enabled in Options
(fix) final notification height
(fix) title length counter moved to the right with increased font size

v0.0.50 (2014-09-25):
(fix) minor bugfix

v0.0.49 (2014-09-25):
(fix) build fix

v0.0.48 (2014-09-25):
(new) integrated Google Analytics, opt-out possible in settings
(fix) fine-tuned UI

v0.0.47 (2014-09-24):
(new) button to maximize minimized link preview

v0.0.46 (2014-09-24):
(fix) fixed link preview for secondary Google+ profiles

v0.0.45 (2014-09-24):
(fix) fixed css styles

v0.0.44 (2014-09-24):
(new) photo attachment
(new) share dialog drag&drop move
(new) title length counter
(fix) fixed position of link preview image

v0.0.43 (2014-09-22):
(new) hashtag autocomplete
(fix) autocomplete cancelation 查看更多

Friends+Me Chrome插件图片

  • Friends+Me插件图片
  • Friends+Me插件图片
  • Friends+Me插件图片


插件名称:Friends+Me 插件作者:https://friendsplus.me 插件语言:English 官方站点:暂无官方站点 插件唯一标识:bnibclkcmchpmfgnpnpnhanmfapffcjn


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