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MySearchDial:快速拨号新标签页浏览器扩展 Chrome插件


MySearchDial:快速拨号新标签页浏览器扩展 Chrome插件图文教程


MySearchDial 是一款新的标签页,是提供了一个简单的方法来访问和搜索网络的新标签chrome扩展。使用MySearchDial ,你可以建立和设计自己喜欢的画廊网站,以及快速,轻松地访问它们,快速拨号,每次你点击你的Chrome浏览器的新选项卡就是轻松找到你想要的内容。简单来说,MySearchDial是一款快速拨号浏览器插件允许您访问您喜爱的网站更快,提高您的整体搜索和浏览体验。随着MySearchDial ,您可以更快地访问网站,并得到在搜索和浏览增强的体验,由利用其独特的搜索增强功能。您可以探索MySearchDial为主题的网站画廊提供新的和流行的网站,并选择自己的新宠。




MySearchDial插件,并在Chrome的扩展器中启动功能,MySearchDial插件的下载地址可以在本文的下方找到,离线MySearchDial插件的安装方法可参考:怎么在谷歌浏览器中安装.crx扩展名的离线Chrome插件? 如果CRX格式插件不能离线安装怎么办


·定制[新增标签& QUOT ;页面
·一键搜索工具搜索结果, Web服务和热门网站




1.Quick start-快速启动标签等多功能插件
2.网页新标签快速拨号-Speed Dial 2
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A new tab page that provides an easy way to access and search the web
MySearchDial is an extension for your new tab page that takes site bookmarking to a new level: using MySearchDial, you can build and design your own gallery of favorite sites, and access them quickly and easily as speed dials each time you click on a new tab in your Chrome browser.

With MySearchDial, you access sites faster and get an enhanced experience in searching and browsing, by utilizing its unique search enhancement feature. You can explore new and popular sites offered in MySearchDial themed site galleries and pick your own new favorites.

Thanks to its dynamic bookmarking feature, saving all your favorite sites on MySearchDial can now be a highly visual and intuitive experience. It can also convey your unique taste with its customizable tab page, allowing you to choose backgrounds (or upload your own) and design the page's look according to your needs: the number of dials on every tab page, as well as the color, size and texture of the dials.

MySearchDial Features include:
· Customized "New tab" page

· One-click search tool for search results, web services and popular websites

· The Speed Dial feature, allowing you to quickly add favorite sites as dials by typing or pasting their url

· Quick launch of social network chats

· Themed galleries, offering sites from categories like news, entertainment and more

MySearchDial also improves the search for a recently closed tab. By clicking Recently Closed in your New Tab, you will get a complete list of the tabs you visited, and can now select the one you need.

MySearchDial offers the user an added bonus feature: MySearchDial Games, which includes dozens of free, full version premium games, in such categories as puzzles, hidden objects, time management, games for girls and card games.

With over 500,000 downloads from the Chrome App Store, MySearchDial remains committed to providing user-friendly features and a clean, simple design interface. 查看更多

MySearchDial:快速拨号新标签页浏览器扩展 Chrome插件图片

  • MySearchDial:快速拨号新标签页浏览器扩展插件图片


插件名称:MySearchDial:快速拨号新标签页浏览器扩展 插件作者:getsearchdial.com 插件语言:支持多种语言 官方站点:http://www.mysearchdial.com/ 插件唯一标识:pflphaooapbgpeakohlggbpidpppgdff


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