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KeePassHelper Password Manager Chrome插件


KeePassHelper Password Manager Chrome插件图文教程

KeePass/MacPass Helper extension adds a toolbar button to your Chrome browser. Pressing the button brings a panel at the top center part of the currently selected page displaying all the matched credentials for this domain. You can either insert user-name or password or even both through the action buttons.

Note that make sure login or password input box is selected before opening the panel. Insertion occurs only if an input element is selected.

Note: As of version 0.3.7, it is possible to generate one-time password tokens using this extension. Also the extension supports automatic logins.

For more info please visit the FAQs page:
For bug reports use:

--- guide
* KeePass 2 -- http://keepass.info version 2.17 or newer
* KeePassHttp -- https://github.com/pfn/keepasshttp/ download at https://passifox.appspot.com/KeePassHttp.plgx

1) Install KeePass
2) Install KeePassHttp by dropping KeePassHttp.plgx into the KeePass Program Files directory
2a) Log into KeePass
2b) Verify KeePassHttp has been installed correctly by checking Tools > Plugins
3) Navigate to any page containing a password
4) Click the toolbar button
5) Switch to the KeePass window and enter a descriptive name into the dialog that popped up and click save.
6) Your passwords are now securely retrieved from KeePass and automatically entered into password forms and fields when needed.

--- Change Log
0.1.7: fixes http://add0n.com/keepass-helper.html#comment-3141456132
0.1.8: fixes https://github.com/belaviyo/keepass-macpass-helper/issues/1
0.1.9: fixes duplicate context-menu items are created on extension activation
0.2.0: support for Ctrl + B is added for Windows OS. Panel keeps its focus when it is open. "" char is now supported for both username and password fields.
0.2.1: 1. it now remembers your last login selection. 2. when panel is closed, the last active element gets its focus back
0.2.4: Copy text to the Clipboard is improved.
0.2.8: Credentials are now displayed in a popup instead of an injected iframe. This is similar to how 1PAssword or LastPass display credentials. This default behavior can be changed from the options UI.
0.3.0: It is now possible to auto-login if there is only one credential (disabled by default)
0.3.1: "String Fields" are now supported. You can insert custom text to HTML input elements using these string fields. Please read FAQ 12 for more info.

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  • KeePassHelper Password Manager插件图片

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插件名称:KeePassHelper Password Manager 插件作者:unixeco 插件语言: English 官方站点: 插件唯一标识:jgnfghanfbjmimbdmnjfofnbcgpkbegj

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当前版本:0.3.8 最后更新日期:2017-12-16 文件大小:75.87KiB

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