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Video AdBlock for Chrome Chrome插件图文介绍


Video AdBlock for Chrome Chrome插件图片Video AdBlock for Chrome Chrome插件图片

我们很荣幸能为您提供免费的我们的产品 - 视频广告拦截


This extension blocks all those annoying video ads on Chrome (including YouTube and Vimeo).
We are proud to give you for free our product - Video Ad Blocker.

It will help you to block all the video commercials on your favorite video services which appearing before the video. As well it's also blocking all those popups which driving you nuts during view.

The extension works silently during all time you browse videos and doesn't require any tuning. As well it's lifetime free.


We are not injecting any third-party ads!

Stop wasting your time reading this disclaimer - just install it and forget about annoying commercials.

Note: When installing one of our free products you will expect to join a global panel of users who are helping us measure and rank the Internet. This could make you part of an amazing project of the improvement and expanding the world’s comprehension of internet trends. To get to it, we collect some anonymous info: browsing patterns, statistics and just how our features are being used. Your browser will work with our servers which are helping us improve our technology. You can find more details within our privacy policy. By installing our product, you agreeing to Terms of Use and to our Privacy Policy that can be found at: http://videoadblocker.site90.net/


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