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Vaulteq: Keep your passwords safe

Your own password vault. Fully secured, always within reach.

Vaulteq is the first password manager that puts your security first. With Vaulteq, you can keep all of your passwords in a personal, secure vault while always storing your data within reach in European (Dutch) servers compliant with the strictest data protection policies in the world.

** 1 Password for all of your websites and apps **
Vaulteq allows you to have just one secure password. We take care of the rest. After adding your passwords to your personal vault, we encrypt them with the best encryption tools available and store them exclusively in European data servers. Once you’re set up, you can access all of your web and app accounts with our user-friendly app and extension without security risks. Never again worry about being bogged down by a slew of passwords.

Store your data nearby under the world’s strictest data protection laws.
Data storage in the Netherlands means two things: first, it means that your data is stored nearby and second, it’s stored in certified servers regulated under the most robust data protection law in the world.

What else does Vaulteq offer?

* Enjoy constant access across all devices
Vaulteq follows you around the world. Regardless of device or country, you can always access your passwords through safe and encrypted channels.

* Standard 2-Factor Authentication
Vaulteq is the only password manager to provide 2-factor authentication built in by default, adding another layer of security to your data and privacy.

* Standard Client Side Encryption
We permanently encrypt your data so that no one but you can access it – no hacker, no government, no Vaulteq employee. Your data is encrypted using the latest AES-256-bit encryption at all times. You’re the only one who can choose to decrypt it.

* Autosave & fill
When you go to a website login, Vaulteq saves your password and username the first time then fills it automatically on subsequent visits.

* Password Generation and Analysis
Vaulteq can also help you generate secure new passwords and analyze your current ones to make sure they’re strong enough.

* Fingerprint Authentication
Vaulteq also comes with optional fingerprint authorisation to make login simple and quick

* Activity Center
Information is power. Your Vaulteq activity center will give you warnings, updates, and other messages so you’re always in the loop regarding your passwords.
Vaulteq will always have a free version. A premium version is also available with more features like import from previous password managers and syncing across all devices.

For more information on plans and pricing, have a look at wwww.vaulteq.com

- Secure, certified data storage in Europe
- Mobile App for IOS/Android/Windows
- Standard 2-factor Authentication
- Standard Client Side AES-256-bit Encryption
- Unlimited secure storage and backup
- Activity center
- Optional Fingerprint Authentication
- Search for usernames and passwords
- Add secure notes to your websites
- Offline access
- Generate strong passwords for all your accounts

VAULTEQ Premium (30 day free trial available)
- Browser extension for Chrome, Firefox and Opera
- Sync across all devices
- Password capture (password save)
- Autofill webforms
- Unlimited devices and sync

It’s important to remember that:
The Vaulteq extension is only usable in combination with the Vaulteq app. Prior to using the extension, the app should be downloaded from the iOS/android app store and a Vaulteq account should be created in the app.

Install Vaulteq now to keep your passwords safe. 查看更多

Vaulteq Password Manager Chrome插件图片

  • Vaulteq Password Manager插件图片
  • Vaulteq Password Manager插件图片
  • Vaulteq Password Manager插件图片
  • Vaulteq Password Manager插件图片

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