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Control your tabs with tiles - useful for large monitors and full screen (F11) browsing.
This extension displays a window's tabs in a bar along the top or bottom of the screen, useful for when browsing in full screen (F11) mode. The tiles are larger, so easier to click on than the usual browser tabs.

It also allows navigating through the tabs using the keyboard, using the left and right keys. Press Enter to select a tab.

Other features include:

Type-to-search: start typing to enter keywords in the tabtiles address bar, press Enter to search.

Choose when to display the bar: for normal restored windows, when maximized or in full screen mode. And / or auto-hide when not in use.

Customize the size of the bar, to a percentage of the window height.

Show popup hints, containing the full title and address of the page.


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Release history:

0.8.13: Changed to allow clicking through to the page in areas where there aren't any tabs; now shows Untitled for pages with no title, and PDF Document for .pdf files - to allow the pdf viewer buttons to be clicked more easily
0.8.12 - Manually disable type-to-search or keyboard tab navigation; now allows 1-pixel activation height for auto-hide mode; set interval for hiding or switching back to mini mode; middle mouse button closes tab.
0.8.11 - Selected tab now has extra highlighting to make it easier to quickly locate. Fixed a bug where mouse clicks outside of the bar sometimes select a different tab when the button is released (i.e. when the mouse button was held down and then released at a different location).
0.8.10 - Changed to allow specifying the percentage size of mini mode compared to normal; also to allow setting the popup hint to "centered"
0.8.9 - The first (leftmost) button now shows the time and date in a hint. When using the wheel to move through tabs, mouse movement is deactivated until moved by a small amount.
0.8.8 - Added a history button within the address bar. Delete can now be pressed to close non-selected tabs when in keyboard navigation (left / right) mode. Fixed a bug that was preventing selecting tabs correctly if somehow no tab was selected
0.8.7 - Minor fixes for the new pinning integration
0.8.6 - Disabled displaying when printing the page (ie. on paper)
0.8.5 - Added support for pinning tabs - right click twice to do this
0.8.4 - Fixed minor zoom bug (not related to standard chrome zoom)
0.8.3 - Fixed a bug that caused the bar to go off screen at some chrome zoom levels
0.8.2 - Fixed bug in hide when right clicking the address bar close button
0.8.1 - Moving the mouse will cause the bar to be displayed, if it hasn't already. This helps with delays caused when the page being viewed tries to refer to slow / offline third party
sites. Also, minor bug fixes
0.8.0 - Updated the button layout; click to close now snaps partly off-screen tiles to edges; fixed bugs relating to the bar not being displayed on some sites, and being damaged by chrome's translate feature
0.7.4 - Now allows address bar navigation to a new tab for both URL and search keywords; click-to-close message for selected tab is smaller for narrow tabs; fixed minor bugs
0.7.3 - Fixed a problem resizing tiles after some are closed (and auto-hide is enabled)
0.7.2 - Corrected issues regarding switching between mini and normal mode - wasn't re-sizing as intended
0.7.1 - Fixed bug where right-hand item does not correctly focus
0.7.0 - Initial release 查看更多

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