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My Reading Mode Chrome插件图文教程

"My Reading Mode" is the web filtering extension that filters to specific web sites which you defined. Unlike "Removes unnecessary things later" Ad-Blockers, by the program "Keeps only required things first", it shows to you the necessary content which you want to read quickly.

In order to filter, you need to specify the tag on the web page. But, there is no probrem even if you don't have the knowledge of HTML. You can select a tag easily by clicking a content on the target page by using wizard mode.

In principle, all the JavaScripts are blocked before downloading.Much advertisements and animation are no longer shown because a script is required for almost all web advertising. Of course, You can specify the exception. In addition, if it's a widget of Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube, you can add to an exception easily only by clicking the check box.

You can divide into three columns at the maximum, and can assign a text to each column (Column area is able to resize by dragging a mouse). If it's a site of the format includes a keyword in url like dictionary service, you can move a page by entering a keyword at the option search bar.

Shifting to other account or a browser is simple because edited data can output and input as a text.

When you would like to show an original page at a filtered page, please select "Reload without filters" from a context menu. 查看更多

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  • My Reading Mode插件图片

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插件名称:My Reading Mode 插件作者:TNK Software / Tanaka Yusuke 插件语言: English, 日本語 官方站点:https://www.tnksoft.com 插件唯一标识:jfbiibdhdpddkjdhphcpbklmepppgnmi

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当前版本:1.0.1 最后更新日期:2016-09-06 文件大小:59.6KiB

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