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Lists by Design is a dedicated lists extension, that can help boost your productivity as you browse your favourite websites.
Get more from your bookmarks with Lists by Design. Organize, add notes, list prices, and more as you browse your favourite websites. Never again wonder where your bookmarks are, or what they were for. Simply organize and label your them into separate, fully customizable lists.

Making a shopping list? Add prices, and check items off as you purchase them.

Work in an office? Organize your work's web apps into their very own list.

Be productive! Never lose a webpage, or sift through hundreds of bookmarks aimlessly again.

Main Features
* Material inspired interface and UI elements
* Automatically "grabs" your active tab's URL and title for simplicity
* Up to six fully-customizable lists to organize your information
* Check-off, re-order, edit, and delete your list entries
* Your lists sync across your various chrome sessions (you must be signed in to the various chrome browser sessions)
* Export your lists as CSV files

Changelog for Beta 0.31
-[BUG FIX] Fixed an issue when exporting lists with special characters in the name and/or the description fields

Changelog for Beta 0.30
-[NEW FEATURE] Added the ability to export lists as CSV files, exporting is available from the Settings menu

Changelog for Beta 0.21
- [BUG FIX] Fixed a bug where the dark theme did not apply to all elements

Changelog for Beta 0.2
- [BUG FIX] fixed an issue that prevented some screens from showing the application icon (ie chrome://extensions page)
- [GENERAL] added more symbols to the list customization options
- [GENERAL] changed some styling for the buttons on the bottom of the footer
- [GENERAL] when the "Always Show 'Add New Item' on Boot" setting is toggled off, the view lists screen now automatically appears, rather than transitioning in

Future Considerations
We do have some features planned for future versions, however, depending on how the extension is received and the feedback that we get, they are not guaranteed. Some of these future considerations include:

* Sharable lists
* Notification for restoring the last item deleted
* Display saved website's icon as part of each list item
* Support for most major currency symbols (€, £, ¥, руб, etc.)
* More List icons

If you want any of these features, or think up some other ones, please let us know. 查看更多

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  • Lists by Design插件图片

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插件名称:Lists by Design 插件作者: 插件语言:English 官方站点:暂无官方站点 插件唯一标识:kjnpbnbnlihakbjgklcjbplpclgmpalf

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下载次数:64 用户评分:4.875 (共5分) 参与评分人数:8

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当前版本:0.31 最后更新日期:2019-08-10 文件大小:459KiB

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本站下载 已有 64 人成功下载

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