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Health and Fitness Chrome插件


Health and Fitness Chrome插件图文教程

Health and fitness is a web application to monitor the nutritional value of meals and tracking exercises during the day.

- Now, a user can set a restriction for specific nutrition value. Application shows notification whether user exceed the restriction.

Now you can open the menu through swipe a finger to right/left.
Now available on android.

You can try the application on the other platform or website. (the list of available platform is below text)

If you find any bug, feel free and report it on the GitHub https://github.com/kukom6/Fitness

What is already implemented?
Meals page
-Show table with all meals in localDB
-Click to the meals will open meals editor
-Click on the table header sort values
-Add meal to the database
-Delete meal via meals editor
-Update meal via meals editor
Exercises page
-Show table with all exercises in localDB
-Click to the exercises will open exercises editor
-Click on the table header sort values
-Add exercise to the database
-Delete exercise via exercises editor
-Update exercise via exercises editor
History page
-By data picker, you can choose the day
-Show meals and exercises table in the day
-Click on the exercise or meal will open their editor
-Add meal/exercise to the day either set from database or set new values
-Delete meal/exercise from the day
-Update meal/exercise from the day
-Show graph according to value
-Show graph according to days
-Show all values
BMI Calculator
-BMI calculator
-Import local DB as JSON
-Export local DB as JSON (Correctly work only on the web browsers and partly works on the android (save JSON to root of SDCard or data folder))
-Delete local storage

You can find this application on the other platforms:
- All web browser in the PC or mobile (these which support web storage) https://fitnessApplication.github.io
- Android https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=org.fitness
- Addon for firefox https://addons.mozilla.org/cs/firefox/addon/health-and-fitness/
- Addon for opera https://addons.opera.com/cs/extensions/details/health-and-fitness
- Windows phone - [WIP]
- iOS -[deffered, sorry but I really don't have free 100$ for developer license]

It is my first project when I try compile web application through apache Cordova. The application is a technical output of Bachelor thesis. 查看更多

Health and Fitness Chrome插件图片

  • Health and Fitness插件图片
  • Health and Fitness插件图片
  • Health and Fitness插件图片
  • Health and Fitness插件图片
  • Health and Fitness插件图片

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插件名称:Health and Fitness 插件作者:kukom6 插件语言: English 官方站点: 插件唯一标识:famfklfcpjmoicmdhakofiabnfhgllfd

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