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Adapt Webmail Connector Chrome插件图文教程

For users of Bond International Software recruitment software, capturing valuable candidate and client information is crucial to productive sourcing and placement during the recruiting process. Keeping information in your inbox doesn’t help the rest of your team, and details can be deleted or lost if you don’t add them to your CRM system. If you are using the popular email client Gmail, this extension is for you.

When you receive an email in your Gmail inbox, the extension is quickly activated by clicking on the icon at the top of your browser window. If the email address is found on a record within your Adapt system, various options are made available to you. If the email address is found on more than one Adapt record, you can easily cycle through the entities to find the correct one.

• Review details - some general details of the person can be seen on the initial screen. Tabs across the top allow you to review notes, submittals, journal entries and tasks.

• Activate workflows - take action on the candidate record from the workflows menu. Log a phone call, send a text message, add a note, submit for internal interview, shortlist the candidate or create an email follow up task.

• Open entity – with a click of an icon, the Adapt candidate record can be opened in a new window, giving you direct access to all of the segments and full information about the entity.

• Tag the message – the tagback screen provides you with the ability to tag the email back to the Adapt record. Should the email contain multiple entities, simply tick each name to save the email to each record.

• Add attachments – if the email contains attachments they can easily be linked back to the Adapt record. If one of the documents is a CV, this can be imported and run through the standard Adapt CV import tool. The import process can also be activated even if the email address is not associated with an entity in your system.

NOTE: This extension is currently only for users of AdaptUX recruitment software. Server details should be provided by your own system administrator. For any questions or assistance, please contact your Bond representative in the usual way.

Fixed in version 3.2.27

• Rebranding


Previous changes and fixes:

Fixed in version 3.2.26

• Items in the Workflow menu did not work

Fixed in version 3.2.25

• The last 3 fields in the options screen would not update correctly in Chrome 60.x

Fixed in version 3.2.22

• The confirmation and error messages when tagging an email or importing attachments has been improved.

Fixed in version 3.2.20

• The settings dialog now shows the version number in the lower-right corner.

Fixed in version 3.2.19

• Unable to import CVs from emails where the record is not found in Adapt

Fixed in version 3.2.16

• When an Adapt user is blocked, the client will fail with 'Connection details are invalid' and not display an appropriate error or warning message.

• The toolbar buttons disappear (including settings) when there are no entities found. Getting into the settings then becomes very difficult.

Fixed in version 3.2.14

• The message 'server is unavailable' appears when the configuration is not found.

• Tasks/Submittals do not fit in the extension's dialog width if long content exists

• The TO and CC recipients are now taken into account by the Office 365 connector.

Fixed in version 3.2.7

• The 'Your session has expired...' message appears instead of the CV downloading if the add-in has been opened and some time has passed.

• Line breaks are absent in documents displaying on the Notes tab if it is plain text.

Fixed in version 3.2.1

• Unsanitized HTML is allowed on the Tasks tab.

Adapt Webmail Connector Chrome插件图片

  • Adapt Webmail Connector插件图片
  • Adapt Webmail Connector插件图片
  • Adapt Webmail Connector插件图片
  • Adapt Webmail Connector插件图片

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