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Bhiner Taobao Tmall Shopping Assistant Chrome插件


Bhiner Taobao Tmall Shopping Assistant Chrome插件图文教程

Bhiner™ Taobao Extension is tailored to assist bhiner.com users, while
browsing Taobao and Tmall (the most popular Chinese shopping platform).

Bhiner is your professional Taobao Agent who help worldwide buyers to order products from Taobao.com

Main features :

1. Instant Add Cart -
You can now directly add items on Taobao.com or Tmall.com, Bhiner Taobao Extension will automatically save the item you added to your cart whatever you loged in or not.

2. Currency Conversion -
This extension will collect currency rate with your account settings. From now on, you don't have to worry about the rate between CNY and your currency.

3. Item option & item name translate -
You can pick the language you would like to translate from Chinese in the item detail page.

4.Taobao / Tmall browse speed up -
Bhiner extension will block all analytic request from their server, that means 50% of the extra loading time will be reduced.

5.Anime and cosplay search engine -
Anime and Cosplay name are always hard to translate with major translators. From now on, you don't have to find the Anime title in Chinese on Wikipedia anymore. Just double tap Ctrl (Cmd for Mac users), the search panel will pops out and help you go search better result with accurate Chinese keyword which were translated by Bhiner CS team.

Usage :

1 .Search Item in Taobao.com or Tmall.com
2. Pick the item options
3. Simply click "Add to Bhiner Cart"
4. Item you added should be appear in Bhiner.com(We suggested users to login Bhiner before adding items to cart, otherwise item will be expire after 15 mins.)

Updates :

v2.0.5 - 8/24/2016
Fixed some item cannot be added to cart.
Support items in sea.taobao
mote short tips for cosplay search engine

v2.0 - 8/18/2015
Function implemented :
1. Anime Chinese keyword search engine
2. Block Taobao / Tmall analytic requests
3. Speed up extension loading time
4. support world.taobao and world.tmall
5. exchanged price will be show in the search result list

v1.2 - 5/19/2015
Supports Tmall.com

v1.0 - 3/18/2015
Bhiner Chrome Extension Launched


Bhiner Taobao Tmall Shopping Assistant Chrome插件图片

  • Bhiner Taobao Tmall Shopping Assistant插件图片
  • Bhiner Taobao Tmall Shopping Assistant插件图片
  • Bhiner Taobao Tmall Shopping Assistant插件图片
  • Bhiner Taobao Tmall Shopping Assistant插件图片
  • Bhiner Taobao Tmall Shopping Assistant插件图片

Bhiner Taobao Tmall Shopping Assistant基本信息

插件名称:Bhiner Taobao Tmall Shopping Assistant 插件作者:Bhiner Taobao 插件语言: English 官方站点:bhiner.com 插件唯一标识:oojpphfenklafpklgnnpgjmbcooebdod

Bhiner Taobao Tmall Shopping Assistant用户数和评分

下载次数:1268 用户评分:4.85714 (共5分) 参与评分人数:7

Bhiner Taobao Tmall Shopping Assistant文件信息

当前版本: 最后更新日期:2020-03-18 文件大小:1.52MiB


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