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amzvar - Price Viewer of Amazon Variation Chrome插件


amzvar - Price Viewer of Amazon Variation Chrome插件图文教程

The amzvar - Your Amazon Shopping Assistance and Tool!

You're buying a swimming jammer. When you land on a jammer product page, it shows the price $14 - $35, but it doesn't tell the specific price until you select the size and color, and it takes you a lot of clicks to find out the one that was $14, but actually it's not the right size for you.

Does this scenario sound familiar? If so, you come to the right place.

The amzVar was born to solve this issue. It pops up when you are viewing products that have variations on Amazon, then provides the list of variations (for example, color and size) sorted by price, and saves you a lot time to find the lowest price. Since V0.2.0, it includes price history powered by camelcamelcamel. Note that not all products have price history available.

The amzvar Chrome Extension’s key features include:

- List variation sorted by price
- Filter variation by size
- Add to cart button to get special price (*not* include shipping and tax, so please double check before checkout)
- Provide the link to see all offers to compare the price with shipping and tax

Stay in touch:
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Connect with us on Google+: https://plus.google.com/b/100147871622326462496/

Change logs:
**Version 0.2.5 (1/1/2018) **
No kidding! It's 2018. Happy new year!
**Version 0.2.2 (11/23/2017)**
Fixed autoPop checkbox style in Windows.
**Version 0.2.2 (11/23/2017)**
Fixed empty box shown on old Chrome browser. - Happy Thanksgiving from AmzVar!
**Version 0.2.2 (11/22/2017)**
Do autopop again and add 1 sec delay - always you can disable it if you don't like it.
Update name to be first Cap to all.
**Version 0.2.0 (11/16/2017)**
Added price history powered by camel3
Use Jackets as example since the weather is getting cold. :-)
Turned off auto popover by default

**Version 0.1.9 (11/14/2017)**
Fixed amzTag to show landing page

**Version 0.1.8 (11/7/2017) **
Small fixes - It has been a year - new feature coming soon.

**Version 0.1.7 (11/29/2016) **
Move auto open option to the bottom
Fixed auto open settings bug

**Version 0.1.5 (11/19/2016) **
By default auto displaying sidebar, and you can change behavior via settings.
Fallback to search in the case there is no recommendations found.
Shorten footer bar

**Version 0.1.3 (11/15/2016)**
Internal AID updated

**Version 0.1.2 (11/14/2016)**
Improve performance to display 'view example' popup

**Version 0.1.1**
Show different popup when already on Amazon popup but not on variation product page.

**Version 0.1.0**
Improve performance
Add an example link on popup

**Version 0.0.9**
A bug fix - empty pop up on some product page.

**Version 0.0.8 (11/6/2016) **
Initial public version

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amzvar - Price Viewer of Amazon Variation Chrome插件图片

  • amzvar - Price Viewer of Amazon Variation插件图片
  • amzvar - Price Viewer of Amazon Variation插件图片
  • amzvar - Price Viewer of Amazon Variation插件图片
  • amzvar - Price Viewer of Amazon Variation插件图片
  • amzvar - Price Viewer of Amazon Variation插件图片

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