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Amazon Seller's Helper Chrome插件


Amazon Seller's Helper Chrome插件图文教程

This extension helps Amazon sellers:

1) When on an Amazon product page there is a quick link in the extension window to the FBA Calculator and it will prefill the product and calculate the price that is in the box. (It is defaulted to the buy box price if the user does not enter their own price.)
This feature also works from the "used & new" sellers pages AND from the search results page. On the search results page, a
". . ." comes up near each product listing and when clicked, the option to calculate that product is available.

2) There is an innovative REVERSE Fulfillment by Amazon Revenue Calculator! With this, Amazon sellers can enter the net amount they would like to make, and the calculator shows exactly how much they would need to charge in order to make that amount after the FBA fees are deducted. This option comes up on the FBA calculator page.

3) When on a product page of certain popular shopping sites, (specifically a single product page and not the search results page), click on the Amazon Seller's Helper icon. If we were able to get data about the product being viewed, then very easy search options will be offered for the user to use to verify that they are really getting it for the cheapest price.
There is also a quick search link to search Amazon or Ebay (or both simultaneously!) with the product that is currently being viewed.

We would appreciate any feedback saying if it was useful and for any suggestions to make it better. You can also request any sites that we should add to our list.

If you find a bug, please don't leave a negative review, please let us know and we will try our best to fix it.

We can be reached by emailing isaac@onlineshoppershelper.com. 查看更多

Amazon Seller's Helper Chrome插件图片

  • Amazon Seller's Helper插件图片
  • Amazon Seller's Helper插件图片
  • Amazon Seller's Helper插件图片
  • Amazon Seller's Helper插件图片

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插件名称:Amazon Seller's Helper 插件作者:Isaac Green 插件语言: English (United States) 官方站点:onlineshoppershelper.com 插件唯一标识:bakmmnojojndlbilahnbgnecdjkanmej

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