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Record your browser
The only thing worse than encountering a broken website is the further indignity of having to explain to someone what you're seeing so that you can get it fixed.

Skiblz Cam is a screen recording tool that's built for anyone who's ever wished there was an easier way to report bugs. Requires no additional software. Completely self contained and functional.

Skiblz Cam lets you record video and save it without ever leaving your browser. Unlike most screen recorders, Skiblz Cam is built on modern HTML5 technology and does not rely on antiquated technologies like Java or Flash. This means it starts up instantly and doesn't expose you to dangerous security holes.

Note: Skiblz Cam does not record audio. If you want to record your screen and audio try Google Hangouts by following these directions: http://www.alicekeeler.com/teachertech/2013/07/05/screencasting-on-a-chromebook/

There are two ways to use Skiblz Cam: 1) Save videos to your computer or 2) Use the Skiblz.com cloud service.

1. Save videos to your computer
Save the videos you record to your computer. You don't have to sign up for anything, in fact you don't even need an internet connection. You can save as many videos as you want this way. It's totally free, and always will be. The video file will be in the VP8/WebM format.

2. Use the Skiblz.com cloud service
Use the Skiblz.com cloud service to store your videos. Upload your videos with a single click and start sharing them instantly. Your videos can be accessed in two formats: webm/VP8 and H.264. More formats means your videos play on even more different browsers and mobile devices. You can save 10 videos a month to Skiblz.com for free, and can sign up to save unlimited videos for $9.99 a month.

Full instructions for using Skiblz Cam after installing the extension:

1. Click the Skiblz Cam Lite extension icon. The icon will now have a flashing red dot. Congratulations you're now recoding.
2. Click the icon again to stop recording.
3. A new tab will open where you can watch your recording or save it. Click the play button if you want to see what you recorded.

To save your video to your computer:
1. Click the download button
2. A spinner will appear while your video is created, this may take a few seconds
3. Click the "Download your Video" link to download your video.

To share the video using the Skiblz.com cloud
1. Click the share button
2. A login screen will appear, don't worry if you haven't signed up for an account, click the "Signup for Free" link
3. In the same tab, a signup form will appear, enter your email and choose a password and click "Signup"
4. The data will be uploaded to Skiblz.com and the video created. This may take a few seconds
5. Once complete a "View Video" link will appear, click this link
6. Your video hosted on Skiblz.com will open in a new tab. You can share the link to this page, or use the provided embed code to embed your video into another webpage

Release Notes:

Better image quality
Remove audio recording
Audio may be renabled when https://code.google.com/p/chromium/issues/detail?id=160337 is fixed

Better image quality
Option to record audio

Mouse cursor is now displayed in recordings

Recording now continues when active tab changes, or a new tab is opened

Do you use JIRA? Check out Skiblz Cam for JIRA:
https://marketplace.atlassian.com/plugins/com.skiblz.skiblzcam 查看更多

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  • Skiblz Cam插件图片
  • Skiblz Cam插件图片
  • Skiblz Cam插件图片

Skiblz Cam基本信息

插件名称:Skiblz Cam 插件作者: 插件语言:English 官方站点:暂无官方站点 插件唯一标识:pcdkccdcpolgiolpicppmooleojaacnp

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下载次数:14790 用户评分:2.89456 (共5分) 参与评分人数:294

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当前版本:0.39 最后更新日期:2020-06-26 文件大小:5.72MB

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